"The School"

About us

We understand that teaching must be active. Only the knowledge that is practiced persists.

We conceive the role of the teacher not as a mere transmitter of knowledge, but also as an educator of concrete and individual people.

We define ourselves by an education in which the capacity of renewal, creation and innovation of the Educational Community is stimulated.

We understand that knowledge of the educational environment in which the Center operates is one of the most relevant aspects to successfully carry out educational work.

Educative offer

Center´s Classrooms

Early Childhood Education
3, 4 and 5 years

Primary education


School canteen *
*kitchen in the center

Extracurricular activities: A.M.P.A.

The Madrugadores

Support Cabinet

Psychopedagogist of the E. O. E. P

Specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy

Hearing and Language Specialist

Technical Teacher of Community Services

Experienced teachers

English language

Physical education

Musical education

Early Childhood Education


Music room

PDI (interactive whiteboards)

Language class

Computer Classroom


Audiovisual room

Sports fields

Fitness center

Bilingual school

Since the 2005-06 academic year we are the Bilingual School of the Community of Madrid