It is the question that many parents ask teachers when their children have reading difficulties . Sometimes the practice of reading has to be done in a specific way so that these students can overcome their difficulties and improve, but families do not know how to adequately help a child who is increasingly less motivated (think it is very logical not to want to do what causes problems ...).

Answering this question and trying to take care of that motivation of the child -fundamental to overcome difficulties-, in our school we will start up, at no cost to families, two different work programs with a common characteristic: the work of reading difficulties from a game perspective, using the computer . These programs are:

• Glifing Method .- From now until the end of this course, students from 1st to 3rd grade of Primary can use this resource both in their homes and in the classroom. The teachers will first make an initial individual assessment to each student and, according to this, the platform automatically assigns the student activities with the computer that will help him improve his reading from the point where he is. 20 minutes a day will be enough.

• Dyslexia Help Project 2019 .- From now until the end of December 2019, our center participates in this Community of Madrid Project , which has the researcher at its head Spanish Luz Rello, who was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was in Primary. The students from 2nd to 6th grade of Primary will first carry out a test to evaluate them initially, called Dytective Test, which allows in only 15 minutes and through a series of tests according to the age of the student, to detect if this has risk of having dyslexia. Subsequently, with the DytectiveU videogame he will improve his reading and writing skills by playing (42,000 games that are personalized based on 24 cognitive skills, aimed at both weaknesses and cognitive strengths).

ALL STUDENTS CAN BENEFIT AND IMPROVE THEIR READER LEVEL, both students with a higher level, and students with a lower level.

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